Gallo Sustainable Risotto Rice 500g

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GALLO Risotto Rice is a tribute to our tradition. Last century the company used animal symbols to identify the different rice varieties: giraffe, tiger, eagle, elephant and cockerel.

The Cockerel (“Gallo” in Italian) was used to represent the very best-quality rice and this is why, over the time, it has become the very symbol of the company.

Gallo Traditional is the most well-known and popular Italian Risotto Rice with long and large grains. It has a plump stubby grain and a high starch content, which give it a perfect balance of creaminess and bite, making it ideal for a traditional risotto.

Riso Gallo oversees the whole supply chain guaranteeing 100% sustainable practices. We only use 100% recyclable packaging and FSC certified cartons.

Ingredients and Allergens

100% long grain risotto rice from sustainable sources.

This pack does not contain any allergens and is suitable for those following a vegetarian, vegan and celiac diet.