Carnaroli Rustico Rice 500g

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From sustainable agriculture. Suitable for vegans. The G.A.L.L.O. warranty Rustico's unique amber grain - milled mid-way between wholegrain and white rice - delivers a double benefit: all the resistance and the creaminess of the king of Italian risotto rice, Carnaroli, together with the natural properties of the wholegrain.

A superior quality product, with the G.A.L.L.O warranty: Guaranteed 100% Sustainable The best techniques of sustainable agriculture are applied to Rustico, according to the FSA protocol, as certified by third party auditors.

Authentic 100% Premium Quality We use a delicate stone milling process, based upon ancient traditional methods which gently brushes the grain and enhances a sense of high quality and pureness.

Local 100% Italian All our sustainable Rustico rice is cultivated exclusively in a few selected farms not far from Riso Gallo production plants. Loyal Certified Packaging. We use only FSC certified cartons.

Original N° 1 in Italy A rough grain, which easily absorbs flavours and perfumes, providing a more intense taste and guaranteeing all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the wholegrain.

Ingredients and Allergens

100% Carnaroli rice from sustainable sources.

This pack does not contain any allergens and is suitable for those following a vegetarian, vegan and celiac diet.

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